Working to rule?

So, the government intends to cut down on red tape to help businesses and avoid them becoming bogged down in excessive administration.

It must be considered doubtful that anyone will miss cattle movement guidance, hedgerow regulations and waste management rules and it is obviously a good thing to get rid of any rules that aren’t needed and to cut down on unnecessary administration and work.

But looked at from a networking organisations viewpoint, the overall issue is arguably not quite so straightforward.

We need business to be free of too much red tape and to be able to operate in the spirit of entrepreneurship but is it that there is too much to cope with or is it that in some instances businesses find themselves unable to cope because they simply don’t have the required level of expertise in many different disciplines to enable them to ensure compliance in every respect?

Nobody can be fully skilled in every area and keeping up to date with employment legislation, changes to pension rules, schemes etc can be a complete minefield for the small business man with limited staff or the sole trader.

However, this is one of the things that networking is all about. Not only does it provide participants with leads for their business but it also gives them an immediate circle of trusted experts in a wide range of other business categories too. Where else would you be able to get to know and feel fully confident in a solicitor, an accountant, and an HR specialist to name but a few? These people too will need to engage their colleagues to help them find their way through areas with which they are unfamiliar. The mutual help and support of a successful networking club is both something to rely on and an unparalleled opportunity to find new customers close at hand without taking risks. Helping your immediate peer group also means that they will recommend you to their own contacts without any hesitation of course.

It’s a good strategy to cut down on anything which is bureaucratic nonsense but retaining useful rules which are of benefit does indeed provide a chance for us all to do business, whatever trade or profession we may be in.