What time is it?

There are of course quite a number of networking clubs apart from ours. We like to think we have the best one but no doubt all the others think the same about theirs. We’re not going to get into that debate!

However, what we can say is that we are growing quickly and opening new clubs on a regular basis. As a consequence of that, we can’t help noticing that no sooner have we announced our intentions than we start to get enquiries from prospective members wanting to consider securing their sector in the newly formed club. These usually tend to be predominantly people who work in the more popular trades or professions, for example, IFAs, Telecoms distributors, IT companies, solicitors or accountants. On occasions, we will find that forward thinking businesses in other categories want to nail down their place but often it is those who have presumably discovered that opportunities tend to disappear fast if they don’t move quickly.

All this must mean that networking is constantly growing in importance as business people realise that it is a great way to market their products and services and ensure word of mouth recommendations. Any club needs to have the right kind of people in it, those who ‘get’ the concept and know how to make it work but that aside, networking is a fantastically successful and regularly proven method of enabling a business to grow.

Many people will go out of their way to find a club with a place for them but it is obviously necessary to make sure that the place where you network is also going to be the right venue to allow you to get leads which are geographically convenient for you to follow up and look after. But what will you do if the TLGC clubs around you have no slots available in your categories?

One solution is for you to come and talk to us about another club in a neighbouring area and you could even consider being the kingpin to help us start one up if it’s not there ready and waiting. If you have the right personal qualities and the contacts you’ll need, we will be delighted to give you the opportunity. You’re probably thinking in terms of breakfast clubs but the possibilities don’t begin and end there. An alternative to going out of your immediate area might be to think about assisting us to start a club at a different time of day. Brunch, lunch and evening clubs are all real possibilities. Picking another time potentially opens up recruitment avenues which wouldn’t otherwise be available.  People who won’t get up early may well take an entirely different attitude to being ‘out to lunch’ or a meeting over morning coffee, afternoon tea or early evening drinks. That makes the chance of starting a club with a completely separate set of people as members a very real one.

If this interests you, give it some more thought and then talk to us.