The Advent of Christmas

At this time of year, all our thoughts inevitably turn to enjoying ourselves amidst the festive round of social occasions, parties, Christmas ‘dos’ and general merriment.

This inevitably means that attention can be taken away from business issues and sometimes from networking too. It’s great to have Christmas-themed meetings and perhaps some extra functions enabling members of the various local groups to get together and meet each other in a relaxed, informal session with the emphasis on everyone enjoying themselves.

After that, of course the focus turns to home and family and as it gets nearer to Christmas, enthusiasm for turning up at networking meetings can lessen. The actual seasonal holiday period also seems to get longer all the time, although this year, in theory at least, everyone should be back at work for 5 January. This often means that networking takes a break for an extended period, particularly if meetings are usually held on a fortnightly basis.

We’ve reflected before on the necessity to be certain that, as members, you keep attending regularly but it’s even more important to make sure that not too long a period goes by without keeping up the relationships you’ve spent so much time building. Long holiday periods which could perhaps lead to the best part of a month without the group getting together will do no one any good and will certainly derail the momentum of the club. It’s definitely best to try to ensure that the interval between meetings is as short as possible and ideally, no longer than usual. Where that isn’t feasible, it may even be a good idea to arrange an extra meeting as soon as possible after the festive period, perhaps with an extra one coming along hard on its heels.

At TLGC, we recognise the fundamental importance of this and our Regional Managers and Directors work closely with local committee members to try to make sure that things are kept as normal as possible whilst people are still enjoying themselves and letting their hair down a bit!