That difficult second meeting………………..

It’s supposed to be bands that have trouble getting their second albums written, recorded, produced and released but the truth is that the sophomore effort at anything can present certain problems, perhaps due to the weight of expectation  both from those who are responsible for making it happen and the audience awaiting its appearance.

So it is with the second meeting of any new networking club. What do you do? Do you concentrate on bringing lots more new faces into the room or do you give the initial set of signed up members a chance to get to know each other properly and an opportunity to have a say in the group’s strategy moving forward?

Well, either is an acceptable way to approach the exercise but the ideal is probably a combination of the two. A club needs to continue to grow but it is likely that some people who attended the launch didn’t actually have time to speak to everyone and it’s also vital to get that sense of camaraderie going straight away.

There is then the prospect of being able to prepare for the next meeting with a definite plan in place and the views of all the core members taken into account. It’s worth sitting down with a list of all the different categories which trades or professions fall into and thinking carefully about the sectors which would immediately be of benefit to the members who have already signed up. A selection of these can then be identified for a targeted approach through direct contact or social media channels.

Another strategic option is to think of business categories where a wide range of contacts is likely to go with the territory. These could include advertising, marketing, virtual PAs, outsourcing companies and perhaps various different examples of MLM operations.

There’s lots to think about and plenty to do between your first and third meetings, all of which should make the new club go forward with the right impetus.