I joined TLGC to improve my communication skills, grow my customer base, meet local businesses & forge new relationships.

If I was asked to describe what TLGC has done for me it would be this – imagine a very shy, nervous, person who lacked confidence & hadn’t slept the night before a meeting because they were worrying about what their pitch was going to be, who they were going to meet & what they were going to say to complete strangers.  I have now chaired meetings, had the privilege of being involved in developing the strategy to grow awareness of the brand, hosted many presentations, taken on service roles such as Secretary & 10 minute rota organiser and also made loads of new friends & affiliates I trust enough to share my customers and contacts with.

I also feel comfortable enough to share my business challenges in an environment that is safe & confidential.  I have learned how to engage people when pitching the features & benefits to be gained by using my business.  

This is all well & good I hear you say – what about getting more business? Oh yes, I’ve done that alright! The new clients I have gained have more than covered the cost of my membership.  Does my story Strike a chord (or chords) with you?  Well why not come along to our next meeting under no obligation to join, what have you got to lose?

Nadine Dudman, Telecoms Support Team Ltd

Nadine Dudman TLGC Member

Steve Adams TLGC Member

I have been an enthusiastic networker ever since I first set up my own business and became a TLGC member because I wanted to join a club which valued atmosphere and relationships above the rule book.

It wasn’t long before I also saw the value of starting additional clubs in an executive role. Now I’m Regional Director for Essex, Suffolk and East Herts and this gives me a second income to add to thesignificant number of valuable leads and contacts which TLGC regularly provides and which are of considerable benefit to my Colchester-based magazine publishing and copywriting business

Steve Adams, Adams Publishing