More About TLGC


We recognise that occasionally, members may have other demands on their time such as attending other meetings or travelling to visit clients. TLGC exists to promote business, so why would we make it difficult for you to do it? This does not mean that we don’t think regular attendance is important – of course we do – but it is a case of practicality and so we ask for a minimum of 75% attendance which should easily be achievable.


Most people joining a group are either sole traders or part of a small business. There are of course exceptions, for example, banks, solicitors, accountants etc. but the majority of our members work on their own or in small teams. We believe that people should not be put under huge pressure to find a substitute if they are unable to attend, particularly as this is likely to arise at short notice. Of course, we are always happy to welcome a substitute but this is not insisted upon.


Some breakfast groups and networking organisations are totally driven by insisting that every member brings at least one lead to the table at every single meeting. We believe that, no matter how good and experienced a networker you are, this is almost impossible to do. At TLGC, we know that our members will only pass genuine business opportunities when meaningful relationships have been formed. Trust has to be developed in order fro people to start doing business with each other and, more importantly, for businesses to refer each other to friends, family, colleagues and their own clients.

How does a TLGC club grow?

TLGC clubs start with a launch meeting which local businesses are invited to attend so that they can experience for themselves how we operate our relaxed, friendly ‘no pressure’ style with the aim of forming relationships that will, over time, lead to business opportunities.

From this initial meeting, founder members of the group form the basis of the club and thereafter they will invite guests to attend, many of whom will go on to join, developing the membership further.

What are the other benefits of becoming a member?

Being a member of a TLGC club is rather like having your own marketing division for your business. As relationships develop and trust is formed, members are often happy to discuss business issues all of us are faced with from time to time. These problems have been faced many times and can often be resolved by a simple discussion within the group.

There is also the social aspect with new friendships developing as well as business relationships.

Free online advertising (tbc)

Each member business receives free advertising on our ‘TLGC Local Club’ website for the town their club is in, with scope for a detailed description, weblinks and a ‘banner’ which will rotate around the site pages.

Masterclass – business programme

Our ‘Masterclass’ programme is regularly being added to an exclusive Members’ Area on our main website and will provide help and advice on many aspects of business operations, including communication skills and sales techniques.

Leadership and sponsorship rewards

Members who invite a guest to any TLGC club will receive a £25 voucher towards their next year of membership when the guest joins any club. This offer is unlimited, so substantial discounts can be achieved. Take up a committee role within a club such as Chairperson, Treasurer or Steward and you will receive a discount on your membership renewal. As you can easily imagine, some members pay very little or even nothing at all when renewing.

Aspire points for members

Our ‘Aspire’ points reward programme recognises contributions made by members through attendance, lead generation and introductions. For more information about this, click here.

Any questions?

If there is anything else you would like to ask or you would like to visit one of our clubs, please call us on 01462 812479 or email

We look forward to welcoming you!