It’s never too early……………

You probably think it’s still too early to be thinking about 2015. After all, the Christmas parties have not really got going yet and we haven’t enjoyed the best that the festive season has to offer, including the chance to take a well earned rest, at least for some of us.

But if you think it’s much too soon to be planning ahead, you’d be wrong, certainly from a networking point of view. Now is just the time to set your networking goals for next year, so that you can hit the ground running on January 5 at the very latest.

If you’ve not yet secured your seat around the table of an exclusive membership networking club in your local area, what are you waiting for? We’ll admit that things sometimes go a little quiet in December but come January we will be getting loads of enquiries as people realise that pushing their businesses ahead through networking is a ‘no-brainer’ and clamour to make sure they have ensured their participation in a suitable local club for 2015. So beat them to it by joining up before the end of 2014.

To be a successful networker you will need to make sure that you fully participate in the activity of your club. Remember that the principle behind all that we do is to ensure that everyone helps everyone else and this can’t be achieved unless members work together and really try their hardest to help each other. After all, networking is not something which just happens without effort; nothing in business ever is and this is no exception. The hardest part of any business growth effort is just getting through that door in the first place and networking can help you do that. But first you will have to work at it and that means ensuring regular attendance at meetings, arranging one to ones with fellow members and ensuring that you are passing any and all the referral leads you can so that as much as possible comes back to you too.

All this requires pre-planning, so make sure you have your networking effort straight in your mind in time to get going as soon as next year kicks off. The longer you leave it, the less likely you are to achieve your goals fully and the most successful clubs are those where all the members ‘get it’ and work hard together continuously to grow the group and maximise its advantages for everyone.

Good luck with putting your ideas into practice; don’t forget we’re here to help our members. We hope everyone enjoys the holidays and rests up ready to go next year!