Extra responsibilities

We’re not the only networking organisation around and of course we do operate on a referral and exclusive membership basis, as do others. However, we don’t object to our members being involved with other groups too.

We have many members who take the view that TLGC’s ‘midway’ stance on most matters is ideal for them because they find other organisations either too strict or too relaxed. We like to think that we provide a good place to network for lots of those business people who simply wouldn’t fit in elsewhere. But there are plenty of people who also actively participate in other clubs too.

You might wonder why we don’t try to avoid this happening. From our point of view, we like to see everyone who wants to network maximising their opportunities to do so. Experience gained elsewhere helps members to ‘hit the ground running’ and develop their networking skills fully to the advantage of everyone in our clubs. We also like to try to help those people new to business ownership or self employment and provide them with all the guidance and mentoring we reasonably can. Aside from our Development Programme, much of what we can expect to achieve in this respect and the support we are able to provide, is through the efforts of our members, individually and collectively.

We also like to try to ensure that our Executives have plenty of experience and or knowledge of networking, which will usually have been gained through membership of clubs either over a period of time or in the past. Of course, our Executives are not permitted to belong to other organisations as we need them to devote all their energies to the running of our clubs and the interests of our members!

Members who attend other groups also increase the diversity of TLGC clubs and are often able to bring along additional guests and potential members because they will have an extensive range of contacts already. No doubt this process works both ways but so long as everyone benefits, there is no harm in it at all.

Naturally, membership of two or more groups does give the individual certain extra responsibilities. It is not everyone who will have the ability to pass leads across several groups of people and it is essential that club members make sure that they don’t put their colleagues at a disadvantage by being unfair in the way they hand out referrals. This is where the skill and experience comes in and provides the ability to select and to make sure that leads are allocated fairly and without bias.

The most important aspect of creating a club and managing the membership is always to ensure that the right people come along and become vital and essential elements in the success of the group.