Demonstrating the brand

We are constantly starting new networking clubs, either by expanding an existing area (where there may be people who want to join but are prevented from doing so because their sector has already been taken) or in parts of the country we haven’t previously reached.

Usually we are able to collect together with a significant number of people to get that all important launch meeting to go with a bang. Local people, who have been invited to try out our particular brand of networking with a view to becoming members, combine with our Club Manager and the regional executive team plus some visiting members from other clubs or areas who can talk about TLGC and how it has helped them.

This is generally a successful recipe and often generates good results for memberships taken out on the day. How do we make this happen? Well, we all know the old saying ‘people buy people’ and it’s every bit as true within a networking context as it is anywhere else. The main thing any prospective member will want from a networking group is of course new leads for their business but in order to have confidence that they will get them, everyone will also want to see a vibrant atmosphere and people who are fully involved in what they are doing and demonstrably enthusiastic about it. In addition to gaining work, members want to have fun and enjoy their attendance at meetings as well as the additional benefits which the development of good working relationships will bring.

So the most important things perhaps are the initial impressions created in the first few meetings of a new club. The individuals running it need to exude confidence personally (both in themselves and the networking organisation nationally and locally) so that guests can feel sure that their success and that of the club itself in the longer term is guaranteed. Specific examples of benefits to members and the development of clubs elsewhere are also important.

Then of course, there’s the manner in which the club will grow. However hard the executive team works, the recruitment of new members is a task for everybody who belongs to the club. So, as well as appearing to be dynamic to prospective members, the club officers must make sure they bring the right sort of people on board. 

Boundless enthusiasm is the key and perhaps in that way the right founder members will be brought together with the right organisers and the new networking club will be off to a flying start.