Compare the Network, compare the ‘Notwork’

There are so many events which are labelled as ‘networking‘ to choose from that it often feels as if it might be time to examine these in the light of our own business objectives.

You will find a large number of meetings which take place informally and are open to anyone but here in the UK, we also have a number of well-established ‘real’ business networking organisations with clubs across the country or concentrated in specific regions. Ask a few simple questions and that will help you, the networker, to decide where to invest your time and effort.

  • Are meetings held on a weekly or fortnightly basis?
  • Is your club membership exclusive within your trade or professional sector?
  • Does the group have a structured lead / referral programme?
  • Does membership carry a range of optional additional benefits?
  • Are you joining a properly structured organisation which recognises local conditions and puts its members first?


TLGC (The Lead Generation Clubs) can answer an emphatic ‘yes’ to all those questions and in addition, we will offer our members free online advertising through our new TLGC Local Club websites currently under development and in the early stages of roll out.


The American BNI established the model and structure for a successful  referral club and this has been developed by others as BNI does not necessarily appeal to all networkers.


At TLGC, we believe in fostering an atmosphere which encourages the development of friendship and camaraderie on a business like basis and which will lead to long term working relationships and business growth. We do not put our members under pressure and allow  the necessary degree of trust to develop naturally.


So, it’s time to compare the network and compare the notwork and then you’ll see, they are not all the same.