All about the vibes

What is the quality that attracts people to visit our clubs and then, in many cases, go on to sign up as members?

We try hard to be different.  We know that networking is a deadly serious business but we also think it is important to enjoy ourselves at the same time and we don’t think it is right to put our members under pressure to conform to a set of rules or to meet specified targets.  For TLGC, it’s important to make sure that relationships develop and thrive so that members can grow to trust one another whilst feeling totally relaxed and confident in their networking club environment.

If you were to survey our members and their visitors and ask what they like most about us, it is probable they would say that the atmosphere at meetings is the biggest factor. Some rival groups may be rather formal and perhaps a little intimidating. The introduction of expected behaviours and approved responses to specific  actions and occurrences may make people  feel rather awkward and uncomfortable.  Why should they have to pass a test or be initiated?   A new member ought to be able to walk into the meeting room and feel instantly at home, welcome and valued by everyone present.  The best clubs are usually those with some good natured banter helping to cement friendships.

We may all have experienced networking events where the prevailing mood was one of exclusivity and private jokes and this simply doesn’t set the right tone.  What is needed is a relaxed atmosphere allowing everyone to focus on helping the group and, simultaneously, their own businesses, to grow. 

If the feedback we receive is anything to go by, we’re managing to get that right and to ensure that our meetings are fun whilst firmly focused on a serious purpose.