A turn up for the books

If you bought a new car, would you leave it sitting on your driveway?  No and you wouldn’t buy a new armchair and then sit on the floor either.

So, if you join a networking group, it naturally follows that you’ll want to make sure you go to meetings regularly. It is of course true that by joining you have secured your category and it can’t be taken by any of your competitors but this is only part of the story. The most important aspect of networking is about getting to know your fellow members and developing the trust between you which will eventually lead to confidence in business exchange.

Unlike some other networking organisations, we don’t insist on 100% attendance and officially operate a 75% attendance policy. This is one of our selling points and is doubtless a contributory factor for some people in making a decision to join us. But, that said, we’re under no illusions about the importance of being at meetings. Of course, there will be occasions when you genuinely can’t make it due to a clash of appointments or some family circumstance but feeling you ‘can’t be bothered’ or don’t want to get up is not a valid reason.

Being present on a regular basis is the way that you develop relationships with your colleagues, the way they get used to providing you with leads and to the idea that you might have something to pass on to them. It’s also true to say that by taking a membership category you have a responsibility to yourself and your colleagues to make the most of that opportunity.

So just turning up is a fundamental building block to enable you to get full value from the investment you have made. Don’t leave your badge in a cupboard or on your desk. Make sure you’re at the meeting venue and wearing it. Your networking is one of the most crucial aspects of your business and arguably, more important than the new car or the chair!